Madison Penstock Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Chickamauga Dam, Lock and Powerhouse to Manage Concrete Growth

Dam Management Using an Information Database and Reliability Based Approach

Development of Performance Specification Pay-Schedules for As-Built Pavement Smoothness Conditions

Comprehensive Inspection of Bridge Decks with Ultrasonic Methods

Management of the Euphrates and Tigris River Basins: Need for a Rational Approach

Modeling the Transport and Fate of Copper in Keswick Reservoir, Shasta County, California

Numerical Study of Mixing Induced by Sediment Dumping

Ultrasonic Measurement of Sediment Bed Profiles

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modelling of Thermal and Chlorine Discharges of a Maritime Nuclear Power Plant

New Channel Formation During the Pilot Backfilling Project for the Dechannelization of the Kissimmee River

Field Monitoring and Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Salton Sea, CA

Multi-Layer Simulation of Sediment Transport Around a Breakwater

Dye Tracing Experiment in the Seine River and its Numerical Simulation

Iterative Calibration of Hydrodynamic and Temperature Models - Application to the Sacramento River

Semi-Implicit, Numerical Schemes for 3-D Flow Modeling

Entropy-Based Modeling and Measurement of Sediment Concentration

Influence of Vegetation on Hydrogeomorphic Process of Alternating Bars

Inverse Analysis of Estimating Permeability of Semipervious Confining Layer

Monte Carlo Simulations of Non-Ergodic Solute Transport in Random Porous Media





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