Deja-Vu on the Los Angeles Metro: Facing Old (But New) Challenges All Over Again

Use of a National Loss Estimation Methodology for Risk Management

Gain-Scheduled Adaptive Control of a Hybrid Structure

Seismic Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Hospitals—Vulnerability Studies by Energy Methods

Design of Framed Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm

Computer Visual Analysis of Water Resources Projects: A Public Involvement Approach

A Decision Tree Approach for Drought Management

Retrofitting Stormwater Quality Improvement BMPs in an Urbanized Environment: Redhouse Run Case Study, Baltimore County, MD

Generating Efficient Watershed Management Strategies Using a Genetic Algorithm-Based Method

Advanced Methods for Assessing Temperature Effects on Fish

On Drilling Holes to Arrest Fatigue Crack Growth

Damping Characteristics of a Steel Lattice Structure

Evaluation of Stay Cable Tension Using a Non-Destructive Vibration Technique

Natural Frequencies of Guyed Communication Towers

Analysis of Beam-Column Joints in Hybrid Structures

Behavior of Composite Structures Under Cyclic Loading

Optimized Steel Frame Design Using a Genetic Algorithm

Finite Element Modeling of Concrete Bridge System Prestressed with Carbon Fiber Composite Cables

U.S.-Japan Cooperative Earthquake Research Program on Composite and Hybrid Structures - An Overview and Status Report

An Overview of Japanese Research on Hybrid Wall System





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