Launched Bridges
Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and economic aspects of construction techniques for the launch of...

Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow
This text is designed to make a deliberate effort to extend the modern fluid mechanics approach into the analysis of open channel flow without necessarily requiring the use of advanced...

Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems
This committee report, Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems, addresses the need and challenge to reexamine our approaches to...

Critical Research Need: Integrated Analysis, Design and Construction Methodologies for Wood Structures

A Proposed Method for Red Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) Resource Assessment in California

A Methodology for Developing a Management Program for Protected Areas: The Biosphere Reserve of the Upper California Gulf and Colorado River Delta, Mexico

Use of Hybrid Construction Using Japanese Experience

Numerical Image Processing in Centrifuge Testing

Tieback Anchors for Rehabilitation of a Steel Sheet Pile Wharf

Interpretation of Digital Signals Using Hybrid Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition Techniques

Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Teaching and Engineering

A Computer Model for Assessing the Safety of AICC

A CAD-Based Simulation Tool for Earthmoving Construction Method Selection

Rethinking the Approach to Engineering Pipelines

Harbour Resonance and Wave Disturbance Studies in Baleeira Harbour by Using the DREAMS Numerical Model

An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

Reliability Prediction Models for SASW Dispersion

Numerical Modeling of Storm Waves for Hurricanes Erin and Felix

Alternative Methods in Stormwater Management

Barotropic Tidal and Residual Circulation in the Arabian Gulf





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