Interpreting Bioavailable Toxic Metal Concentrations Utilizing Laboratory Procedures and a Metal Speciation Model

Use of Ozone as an Aid to Coagulation/Filtration

Full Scale Evaluation of Declining and Constant Rate Filtration

Guidelines for Optimization of High-Rate Filtration

Drinking Water Treatment by Nanofiltration

Silicate Effects on Iron Treatability in Sequestration

Particle Size and Filter Performance: Model Studies

Impact of Alternate Pre-Oxidation and Post-Disinfection Processes on Taste and Odor Characteristics

Efficacy of Membrane Processes for Microbial Control in Drinking Water

Modeling Membrane Concentrate Disposal Options

Evaluation of THM-Formation Potential from Pilot Processes

Radon Entry & Control Versus Indoor Dynamics
The measurements of air infiltration, interzonal transport and exfiltration as the diagnostic procedures have been significantly influential in the selection, implementation and evaluation...

Microfiltration/Adsorption Technology for Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters: Pilot- and Full-Scale Studies
In this work the development and testing of wastewater treatment system using coagulation, microfiltration and carbon adsorption is described. Studies were conducted first on a bench or...

Peat Filtration for Oil Removal
An investigation was carried out to assess the potential of horticultural peat produced in Saskatchewan as a filter medium in treating five oil-in-water emulsions (standard mineral oil,...

Mathematical Modeling of Compressible Cake Filtration
A numerical and analytical model of cake filtration was derived from liquid and solid continuity and momentum equations. Constitutive relationships describing porosity as functions of...

Detention and Filtration—Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Rapid growth in the Austin metropolitan area kindled regualtions to protect the environment. Rigid enforcement of function-oriented guidelines and increased emphasis on productivity has...

Effectiveness of Wet Detention and Retention Ponds for Improving Stormwater Quality
The most commonly used structural measures for stormwater quality management and control are retention basins, wet detention ponds, and detention with filtration ponds. This paper explores...

Breakwater Filtration System Design for Swim Basin

Development of a Two-Stage Membrane-Based Wash-Water Reclamation Subsystem
A two-stage membrane-based subsystem was designed and constructed to enable the recycle of wash waters generated in space. The first stage is a fouling-resistant tube-side-feed hollow-fiber...

Rehab for Filtration
Not all water treatment plants currently include filtration, but standards set forth in the Safe Drinking Water Act mandate it for surface-collected potable water. Objective is removal...





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