Removal of Giardia Cysts by Filtration

Waterborne Giardiasis-Treatment Process Selection

Specific Resistance Measurements

Membrane Separation Processes in Waste Treatment

Direct Filtration Removal of THM Precursors from CAP Water

The Role of High Rate Pretreatment Processes in Modern Water Filtration Plants

Prediction of Direct Filtration Performance

Upgrading Water Filtration Plants
Adding or improving mixing, flocculation, and sedimentation devices, and changing filter media can significantly increase water filtration plant capacity. Water quality can often be improved...

Slow Rate Sand Filtration for Providing Drinking Water for Small Communities

Rapid Sand Filtration of Giardia Cysts

Removal of Microorganisms by Slow Rate Sand Filtration

Existing Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Guidlines for the evaluation and rehabilitation of sanitary sewers are presented. The purpose and scope of sanitary sewer rehabilitation is described. The major emphasis is on filtration...

Theory of Water Filtration

Upgrading Trickling Filters with Primary Effluent Filtration

Computer Simulation of Sludge Pressure Filtration

Seawater Treatment for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Monomedia Alternative in Tertiary Filtration

Development of a Screen Structure for McClusky Canal

Fate of Heavy Metals and Tolerance Limits in POTW

Pure and Wholesome
Four papers published between 1899 and 1907 describe problems in sanitary engineering encountered during a time of rapid urbanization. In these papers and associated discussions, leading...





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