Mitigation of Impervious Surface Hydrology Using Bioretention in North Carolina and Maryland
As an increasingly adopted stormwater best management practice to remedy hydrologic impairment from urban imperviousness, bioretention facilities need rigorous field performance research...

Slow Sand Filtration

Rapid Sand Filtration

Applications of Ultra and Microfiltration in Conjunction with Lime Softening and Other Pretreatments

Emerging Leachate Treatment Technologies

Pollution Prevention Assessments for Metal Fabricating and Metal Finishing Industries

Cost Modeling and Optimization Considerations for Low Pressure Membrane Filtration Systems

Effects of Dissolved Air Flotation Hydraulic Loading Rate on Water Treatment Performance

The Efficiency of a Peat Biofilter Treatment System and the Impacts on Groundwater Quality

Microfiltration (MF) Ultrafiltration (UF) Performance with and without Coagulation

Filtration Devices for Urban Drainage: A 50-Year Experience in Lyons

Evaluation of a Conventional Drinking Water Treatment Facility Using Particle Size Distributions

Periodic Processes in Vapor Phase Biofiltration

Pulverized Glass as an Alternative Filter Medium

Treatment of Anaerobic Digester Supernatant and Filter Press Filtrate Sidestreams with a Sequencing Batch Reactor

Hydroponic Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Using a Biofiltration System in Duluth, Minnesota

Experimental and Analytical Modeling of Filtration in Granular Media

Strain Effects on the Filtration Properties of Geotextiles

Separation and Filtration of Soils Using Geotextiles in Dynamic Laboratory Tests





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