Obama Presidential Center Fills Chicago Campus

Rising to the Occasion
A parking garage fitted within a stormwater overflow reservoir is designed so that it rises out of the ground during storms as the reservoir fills with water....

Unconventional Fill Materials: A Little Research Helps!

The Uselessness of Elephants in Compacting Fill
This article is based on an article that was originally published in the August 1967 Canadian Geotechnical Journal (Vol. IV, Number 3)....

A Sunken Submarine Full of Mercury: Safe, Controlled Construction of a Counter Fill for Seabed Slope Stabilization at about 155 to 177 Meters
On December 5, 1944, with World War II still raging and peace in Europe still six months away, the German submarine U-864 set out on her maiden voyage on a secret mission to deliver strategic war supplies...

Estimating Slope Stability Reduction due to Rain Infiltration Mounding
(Originally published in J. of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering 2006, 132(9), 1219-1228.)...

Density Tests above Zero Air Voids Line
(Originally published in J. of Geotechnical Engineering, 1989, 115(7), 1003-1018.)...

People: Pennoni Resigns from Foundation, Graef to Fill Unexpired Term

Dams: Portugal to Fill Largest Reservoir in Europe

Sinkhole Solution (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)
In the summer of 1998, a large sinkhole developed overnight in the center of the two-year-old Eagle Ridge Mall in Haines City, FL. The surface depression measured approximately 4.3 m deep...

Construction Control for Earth and Rockfill Dams
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 27 This manual provides critical guidance for constructors...

Use of Stable Isotopes for Tracking an Aragonite Beach Fill

Sand Size and Fill Geometry Effects on Longshore Transport at a Nourished Beach

Defending Rockfill Dams

Seismic Ground Motion Studies for Assessing Failure Probability of an Earth Dam

Calculation of the Seismic Risk of an Earth Dam Susceptible to Liquefaction

Research Fills Holes in Fluid Flow Data

Role of Constituents on the Behavior of Flowable Fly Ash Fill
Flowable fills are increasingly used as backfill materials for pipes and retaining structures because of ease of placement and performance of the solidified material. But the role of its...

Geotextile Stabilizes 28 Ft. of Fill

Carlsbad Opportunistic Beach Fill Program





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