Long Term Performance of Fiber Reinforced Cements and Concretes

Advances in Strain-Hardening Cement Based Composites

New Directions for Cement-Based Materials

Biofilm Sorption of Natural Organic Material
The biosorption of non-ozonated and ozonated natural organic matter (NOM) onto a dense biofilm was investigated at the University of Colorado Environmental Engineering laboratories. Bench-scale...

Control of Odor and VOC Emissions at Wastewater Treatment Plants -Boston Harbor Case Study-
Siting of the new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) in Boston was based on an assumption of mitigation of total reduced sulfur (TRS)...

Effects of Molecular Oxygen and pH on the Adsorption of Aniline to Activated Carbon
This paper examines the influence of molecular oxygen and pH on the adsorption of aniline to F-300 Calgon Carbon. Molecular oxygen increased the adsorptive capacity of GAC for anilines...

Advances in Cement and Concrete
This proceedings, Advances in Cement and Concrete, consists of papers presented at the Engineering Foundation Conference held in Durham, New...

Specification Needs for FRP Composite Products

Attempts to Introduce New Materials into Bridging

Acoustic Emission Testing of Fiberglass Molded Grating

Concrete Beams with Externally Bonded Crabon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Strips

The World's Longest Cable-stayed Foot-Bridge Using Fiber Reinforced Plastics

High Modulus Glass-ceramic Fiber Reinforced Composites for Currently Emerging Infrastructure Applications

FRP Research for Highway Applications in Florida

Flexural Behavior of Simcon

Small Diameter Fibers/Micro Fibers for Reinforcement of Thin Sheet Products

Detailing Effects in Anchors for FRP Prestressing Tendons

Graphite Prestressed Concrete Deck for Navy Facilities

The Effect of Composite Reinforcement on Structural Wood

Control of Aging Processes in Wastepaper Fiber Reinforced Cement





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