Behavior and Rehabilitation of Older RC Bridge T-Joints

The Design and Construction of the San Francisco Southwest Ocean Outfall

The Use of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Pavement Structures

Composite Deck Joins Modular Causeway System in Test

New Concrete Reinforcing Bars Get Full-Scale Workout

Composite Bridge System Ready for Full-Scale Try

Analysis of Biaxial Strength of Fiberboard

Laminated Composite Reinforcing for Concrete Structures

Process-Oriented Intelligent Planning for the Delivery of Reinforcing Bars

Damage Zone Evolution During Fatigue Crack Propagation in Aramid And Glass Fiber Reinforced Laminates

Simulation of Elastic Wave Propagation in a Composite Piezoelectric/Metallic Medium Using Finite Elements

Impact of Steel Fibers and Stirrup Spacing on Compression Strut Capacity

Computational Issues Associated with Hyper-Anisotropic Media

German Guidelines for Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete in Tunnels with Special Consideration of Design and Statical Aspects

Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Under Biaxial Stress States

Nonlinear Formulations of Laminated Plates with Piezoelectric Laminae

Seismic Retrofit of Non-Ductile R/C Frame Structures

A Fiber Beam Element for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Bond of FRP Rods Embedded in Concrete

Behavior Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Northridge Earthquake, California 1994





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