Tendon Relaxation in FRP Tendons

Fracture Simulations of Brittle Heterogeneous Materials

Dynamic Buckling and Post-Buckling of Stressed Composite Arches

A Note on the Free Vibration Analysis of Anisotropic Cantilever Beams

Toward Overlay-Elements for the 3-D Analysis of Weak Composites

Stiffness Matrix Formulation For Anisotropic Beams

Centrifuge Modeling of a Cantilever Retaining Wall Subjected to Seismic Loads

Ladder Models for the Constitutive Behavior of Heterogeneous Materials

Finite Element and Simplified Methods for Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Open Sections

Homogenization Techniques for Modelling of Randomly Packed Granules

Size Effect Determination of Macrofracture Characteristics of Random Heterogeneous Material

Effective ELastoplastic Behavior of Two-Phase Ductile Matrix Composites: Micromechanics and Computational Aspects

Damage Evolution in Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to Thermomechanical Fatigue

Finite Element Implementation of the Overall Approach to Damage in Metal Matrix Composites

Optimum Design Considerations for Composite Truss Bridges

Design of FRP Shapes for Civil Structures

A Cohesive Zone Model for Cracks Terminating at a Bimaterial Interface

Nonlinear Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures Using a Layerwise Theory

Efficient C0 Finite Elements Based on Modified High-Order Zig-Zag Laminate Theories

Fatigue Study of R/C Highway Bridge Decks Using Physical Models





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