Size Effects in the Fracture of Fiber Reinforced Materials

Matrix First Cracking Strength in Continuous Fiber Cement Composites

Influence of the Yield Strength of Steel Fibres on the Toughness of Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete

Some Phenomenological Aspects of High Performance Concretes, and their Consequences for Numerical Analysis

Non Linear Computation of Fiber Reinforced Micro-Concrete Structures

Reliability of a Box Culvert Structure under a Levee during Project Floods

Composite Materials Edge into Mainstream Construction

New Block Copolymers for Membrane Materials
New fluorine containing polymer materials, which contain n-fluoro octylacrylate (pFOA) or n-fluorooctylmethylacrylate (pFOMA) repeating units, are being explored for use in thin film composite...

Fundamental Thermal Mechanical Modeling of Gas-Filled Porous Composites

Elastic Moduli of a Bond Model for Reinforced Concrete

Structural Sensing with Fiber Optic Systems

Embedded Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor for Concrete Elements

Buckling of Composite Panels with Central Holes

Flexural Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Advanced Composite Grid Reinforced Concrete

An Experimental Investigation of Sandwich Flat Panels Under Low Velocity Impact

Complex Crack Interaction in Composite Plate

Response of MMC Tubes with Internal Fiber Cracks

Property Deterioration of Composites

Crack Growth in Uniaxially Aligned Fiber Reinforced Mortar

Mechanical Response of Woven Graphite/Copper Composites





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