Non-Headed Studs as Shear Connectors for CFST Columns

Bond Characteristics of Embossed Steel Elements

Effective Use of Nondestructive Testing During Seismic Retrofit Construction of Concrete Bridges

Backcalculation of Asphalt-Overlaid Concrete Pavements

Recent Trends to Reduce Shrinkage Cracking in Concrete Pavements

Early Age Shrinkage and Creep of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Airfield Pavement

Interlayer Stress Absorbing Composite in AC Overlays

Analysis of R/C Chimneys with Soil-Structure Interaction

Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete III
In Irsee, Germany an international conference on composite construction was held from June 9-14, 1996. It provided a forum for researchers and practitioners involved with composite construction...

Cost-effectiveness Evaluation of Design Criteria

Multi-Objective Optimal Allocation of Resources for Preventative Interventions on Bridges

Optimum Policies for Reliability Assurance of Aging Concrete Structures

Optimal Planning of Maintenance of Concrete Structures

Lifetime Reliability Assessment of Concrete Slab Bridges

Repair and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Structures
The State of the Art
Proceedings of an international seminar, workshop, and exhibition, held in Maracaibo, Venezuela, April 28-May 1, 1997. Sponsored by National Science Foundation; Science and Technology...

Comparison of Blast and Earthquake Effects on Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures
This chapter compares the damage done by an explosive blast and an earthquake....

Design and Construction of Long Span Steel Composite Bridges

Load-Bearing Behaviour of Composite Slabs as a Part of Composite Beams

The Düsseldorfer Stadttor - A 20 Story Office Building in Composite Construction

Installation of an Reinforced Concrete Sewer Through the Basement of an Existing Six-Story Building





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