Land Application of Biosolids: Comparison Among Stabilization Methods

Heavy Metal Speciation and Uptake to Durum Wheat from Sewage Sludge

Modeling Water Quality Resposne to Fertilizer BMPS

Low Soil Nitrate Levels in Louisiana Golf Courses Related to N Immobilized to Organic-Matter Sink

An Analysis of the Importance of Allee Effects in Management of Red Sea Urchins: Differences Between Oregon/Washington and Southern California

Fertilizer Injection in Rivers for Rehabilitation of Salmon Runs

Effect of Crop Rotations on Ground Water Quality

Nitrogen Isotopes in Groundwater as Indicator of Land Use

Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Nitrate Transport in Ando Soils

Nutrient Management Planning in the Nanticoke River Watershed

Rehabilitating Arctic Tundra in Alaska
During the past 25 years, there has been significant progress in tundra rehabilitation. Initially, agronomic practices requiring large quantities of grass seed and fertilizer were believed...

River Dnister Pollution with Toxic Waste as a Result of Accident at Potassium Fertilizers Factory
River Dnister has a length of 1,352 km. Its spring is situated in Carpathian Mountains at the height of more than 900 m. Dnister runs across the territory of Ukraine and Moldova Republic...

Effects of Golf Course Management on Pesticide and Fertilizer Fate

Use of Groundwater Models to Simulate Remediation

Simulation of Two Approaches to Curb Potential Buildup of Nitrates in Groundwater

Pollutant Export from Soil Amended with Sewage Sludge Compost

Influence of Method of Fertilizer Application on Groundwater Pollution
Researchers at New Mexico State University have been looking for methods to improve the efficiency of fertilizer application in irrigated agriculture. Preliminary results obtained in the...

Potassium Fertigation in Drip Irrigated Peppers in Puerto Rico
Three potassium fertigation rates (T1 = 100%, T2 = 60%, T3 = 30%) via trickle irrigation, fertilization rates (T4 = 100%, S1 = 100%, S2 = 50%, S3 = 0.0) and nonfertilization (T5 = 0.0)...

Trickle Irrigation of Peppers in Eastern Canada
A field study was conducted in Southern Quebec to determine the response of bell pepper plants to four irrigation treatments combined with three nitrogen fertilizer rates. The amount of...

Dried Sludge for Fertilizer
Dried sewage sludge has been used as a fertilizer material for several decades in the United States. While sludge drying and fertilizer production is normally more costly than other municipal...





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