The Moseley Riveted Wrought Iron Arch: A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Engineering History and Heritage
This proceedings Engineering History and Heritage, contains papers presented at the Second National Congress on Civil Engineering History and...

Connectors and Fasteners: Research Needs and Goals

Investigation of Chamber Size for Standardized Tests of EPDM Single-Ply Roofing Systems

Inspection of Aging Steel Penstocks

Railway Bridge Loads Under Current Operating Conditions

Roof Sheathing Uplift Resistance for Hurricanes

Assessment of Remaining Fatigue Life of Existing Railway Riveted Bridges

Probabilistic Modeling of Roof Sheathing Uplift Capacity

Hot-Spot Fatigue Design of Aluminum Joints

System Effects and Uplift Capacity of Roof Sheathing Fasteners

Seismic Retrofit of Riveted Stiffened Seat Angle Connections

Ozark-Webbers Falls Fastener Failures

Easy, Concise Calculations for Eccentrically Loaded Connections

Behavior of Bolted Joints in 3-D Braided Composites
As composites are used more as replacements for metals in space structures, the question arises as to the most efficient way to join the components. Mechanical fasteners are a common joining...

Reliability of Light-Gage Metal Joist Hangers
Limit state design equations are formulated to assess the reliability of light-gage metal joist hangers using the results of experimental studies. The design equations are calibrated against...

Uplift Resistance of Plywood and OSB Roof Sheathing
A test program to determine the resistance of plywood and OSB roof sheathing to uplift pressures created by wind flowing over a residential roof structure will provide valuable data to...

Evaluation of Roof Sheathing Fastening Schedules for High Wind Uplift Pressures

Characteristics of Mechanical Connectors for Construction of FRP Structures

Testing Methods for Roof Systems





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