Open Forum on Construction Failures

Travel Cards in the Year 2000: The Helsinki Region Ushers in the Smart Card Era
Once the travel card system for the Helsinki region is fully implemented, it will be one of the most advanced ticket sales and fare collection systems around. Passengers will carry remote...

Testing the Load (Available in Geoenvironmental Engineering Special Issue only)
The Pittsburgh District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently began construction of a new gated dam to replace a nearly 100-year-old concrete fixed-crest dam on the Monongahela...

Development of a Waste Load Allocation Model for the Charleston Harbor Estuary. Part III: Project Application

The Determination of Soil Strength for a Stability Analysis

Design Live Loads for Parking Garages
The objective of this research project is to obtain a better understanding of parking garage live loads and to recommend an appropriate value for design. A load survey was conducted in...

Bridge Scour Vulnerability Assessment

Scour Evaluations of Existing Bridges

Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in the United States

Bridge Inspections Related to Bridge Scour

Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in the United States

Fault Tree Analysis of Bridge Scour

Hatchie River and Schoharie Creek Bridge Failures

Cause of the 1995 I-5 Bridge Failure

Threats to Bridge Stability from Scour Related Failures of Drop Structures

Failure Behavior of Riprap Layer Around Bridge Piers

Loss Accounting Principles with Emphasis on Bridge Failure

Risk Analysis of River Bridge Failure

Economic factors of Floods, Scour, and Bridge Failures

Probability of Bridge Failure Due to Scouring





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