Alternate Shear Reinforcement Philosophies for Blast Resistant Design of Concrete Elements

Improved Test Cell Design for Close-In Blast Effects

Shock Response of Buried Structures Subject to Blast

Modeling Collapse Probability of Structures in Multiple Blast Load Environment

Protective Facility Design Measures

Protective Design Approach for Civilian Structures

The Use of SIFCON in Building Security

New Security Wall System Evaluation

Threat and Vulnerability Analyses of a Fuel Storage Facility Against Terrorist Attacks

Blast Damage to Typical Structural Elements

Bermed Shelters Subjected to Accidental Explosions
An investigation of the adequacy of two competing shelter designs to protect the occupants from an accidental explosion in a nearby shelter is described. Two bermed shelters, one of rectangular...

Residual Capacity of Explosively Damaged Reinforced Concrete Columns
The results of load tests on explosively damaged reinforced concrete columns are presented. The method used to correlate an ultimate strength, laminar type of reinforced concrete analysis...

Explosive Handling Wharf No. 1

Blast Fishing and Government Response in Lingayen Gulf

Martha's Vineyard—An Explosive Situation: Dune Restoration After Removal of UXO

Closure of Hazardous Surface Impoundments and Creation of an On-site Permanent Disposal Facility—A Case History
Remington Arms Co. is currently undertaking a RCRA closure program for nine surface impoundments in Lonoke, Arkansas. The impoundments contain a variety of listed hazardous wastes from...

Pressure Rise From Liquid Combustibles

A Hazardous Data Explosion
During the 1980s, public concern and government regulations have spawned the huge hazardous waste management industry. But the industry has opened a Pandora's box for site...

The Mosquito Bomber

Microcad: Pushing the Limits
Several engineering projects are covered which illustrate the increasingly complex design applications being accomplished with microcomputer based software. A dam, an apartment complex,...





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