Fracture and Fragmentation of Rock Materials by Explosives
Explosives are used in various commercial applications including the extraction of natural resources from the earth and removal of materials for new construction. These applications include...

Computational Techniques for Predicting Rock Fragmentation and Rubblization

Explosion Damage to Urban Structures

Measurement of Combined Fragment-Blast Impulse in the Near Field of Cased Explosives

A High-Impulse Short-Duration Load Generator

Soil and Structural Motions from Explosive Testing

Current Issues in Rock Dredging
An attractive alternative to the use of explosives for deepening shipping channels is the improvement of the rock cutter suction dredger. But, assessing the capability and design parameters...

Parametric Studies of Shock Wave Propagation

Damage Mechanisms in Tunnels Subjected to Explosive Loads

Reliability of Basements As Shelters

Modernization of Grain Elevators

The Microcomputer Explosion in Civil Engineering Firms
During the next five years, small and medium size consulting engineering firms will undergo many changes. The key changing force is the low cost ($2500 to $20,000) microcomputer. Already,...

Product Liability and Professional Responsibility Risk Analysis

Hazardous Waste Management — RCRA Compliance: An Army Ammunition Plant

Timber Trestle Carries Air Force Bombers
A 12-story high timber trestle, built at Kirtland Air Force Base near Albuquerque, N.M., is the world's largest all-wood structure in terms of board-feet of timber used. Its...

Disposal of Hazardous Toxic Munition Waste

Earthquake Simulation Using Contained Explosions

Design Considerations to Resist Blasts and Explosions

A Small Explosive Simulation of Earthquake-Like Ground Motions

A Comparative Study of Structural Response to Explosion-Induced Ground Motions
The report provides detailed information about the responses of actual structures to loads, both static and dynamics, which can be expected to occur during their service life. The characteristics...





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