Theory of Chaos and Radionuclide Distribution

An Event Size Probability Distribution for Risk Analysis

Blasting Procedures for the 54-Inch Ramona Pipeline at Interstate 15 Bridge Crossing

Weapons Test Seismic Investigations at Yucca Mountain
Yucca Mountain, located on and adjacent to the Nevada Test Site, is being characterized as part of an ongoing effort to identify a potential high-level nuclear waste repository. This site...

Models for Rock Mass Dynamics
The phenomenology of explosive effects in hard rocks is of interest to workers in the energy field, in the defense field, and in planetary science. The salient characteristic of hard rock...

The Changing Local Government Role in Permitting OCS Development
The Santa Barbara and Ventura region of California was the location of some of the earliest oil and gas development in the country. Spiraling oil prices, improved technologies and better...

Oceanic CO2 Uptake and Future Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
The global pattern of water column inventories of bomb-produced 14C suggests that an upwelling of bomb 14C-free...

Laboratory Research on Lunar Excavation

Clearing Space Debris Using Energetic Materials
Space debris is growing at an alarming rate. It consists not only of old, unusable payloads but also aluminum oxide combustion products of various space delivery systems and small fragments...

Explosive Metal Working for Space
As the United States looks towards larger and larger lift vehicles for the transportation of the space station and other large payloads, the application of explosive metalworking becomes...

The Mosquito Bomber

Explosion Hazards to Structures

Analysis of Observed Effects of Terrorist Attacks on Real Structures

Structural Vulnerability to Overpressure Using a Microcomputer

Terrorist Vehicle Bomb Survivability

Shock Measurements in Buried Structure Side Burst

Strengthening Shelter's Resistance Against Penetrating Shells

Perimeter Walls for Blast Reduction

Shock Response of Buried Structures Subject to Blast

Modeling Collapse Probability of Structures in Multiple Blast Load Environment





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