Centrifuge and Analytical Modeling of Excavations in Sand

Current Issues in Rock Dredging
An attractive alternative to the use of explosives for deepening shipping channels is the improvement of the rock cutter suction dredger. But, assessing the capability and design parameters...

Earthwork Bid Estimating and Equipment Selection System2 (EBEES2)

Design Techniques to Mitigate Environmental Impact of Sand and Gravel Excavations in Alluvial Channels of the Western United States

Cold Regions Earthwork
The purpose of this paper is to outline the state-of-the-practice in cold regions earthwork based on experience gained in the Prudhoe Bay area of Alaska. Material properties of fill used...

Creep Closure of an Opening in a Deep Potash Mine

Trenching and Excavation Safety

Deformation Analysis for Braced Excavation in Clay

Residual Soils Experience on the Baltimore Subway

Dewatering in Coralline and Alluvial Sediments

Predicting Mine Water Inflow

Correlating Results of a Geophysical Study and Drum Excavation

Grouting Techniques Used in Deep South African Mines

Acceptance and/or Resistance to Detention Basins

Excavation Design in Residual Soil Slopes

Excavation Equipment for Small Soft Ground Tunnels

Project Planning Game for Foundation Excavation
Originally published in Journal of the Construction Engrg. Division, Vol. 95, No. 1, July 1969, pp. 11-24...

Discussion of Project Planning Game for Foundation Excavation

Closure of Project Planning Game for Foundation Excavation

Design of Excavation Blasts to Prevent Damage
Effects of ground vibrations on nearby structures and people resulting from blasting operations have become a major environmental problem and concern to the engineer and the contractor...





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