Construction Induced Movements of Insitu Walls

Shoring Failure in Soft Clay

Diaphragm Walls-Update on Design and Performance

Design of Soil Nailed Retaining Structures

Stability Analyses for Soil Nailed Walls

A Field Study of a Tieback Excavation With a Finite Element Analysis

Pacific First Center Performance of the Tieback Shoring Wall

Design and Performance of a Deep Excavation Support System in Boston, Massachusetts

Longitudinal Channel Response Due to In-Stream Mining
This paper describes the analysis procedure developed for the Arizona Department of Transportation for the estimation of short-term longitudinal channel response due to in-stream mining....

Remediation of the Couchville Pike Superfund Site to Facilitate Airport Expansion

Estimating Lateral Earth Pressures for Design of Excavation Support

Subway Design and Construction for the Downtown Seattle Transit Project

Jet Grouting for Underpinning and Excavation Support
Jet Grouting as a new tool for underpinning and excavation support is presented, describing the systems of Jet Grouting and its advantages over conventional underpinning techniques. A...

Rock Excavation with Boom Mounted Hydraulic Impact Hammers
A hydraulic demolition hammer mounted on a common backhoe or excavator carrier has gained world wide acceptance in the construction industry as a viable alternative to blasting. This paper...

Rock Excavations in Downtown Toronto
The geology of Toronto area is somewhat complex due to the series of advances and retreats of the glaciers. The overburden deposits consist of materials laid down during the Wisconsinan...

Environment Exploitation by Prehistorical Population of Rio De Janeiro
The specific purpose of this project was to establish the cultural contexts in the area being studied as well as to define the mechanisms of environmental manipulation that were employed...

The Role of Vegetation in River Bank Erosion
The purpose of this paper is to describe briefly how streambank vegetation, both roots and shoots, modify the 'skin' or surface layer and how this in turn affects...

Challenging Site Conditions Lead to Unusual and Innovative Powerhouse Design Features
Pacific Gas & Electric Company's recently completed Newcastle Powerhouse is located on the shore of Folsom Lake near Auburn, California. The $26 million facility uses...

Sensors and Expert Systems in Production Optimization of Earthmoving Scrapers

Knowledge-Based Construction Project Planning
This paper describes CONSTRUCTION PLANEX as a prototype of a knowledge-based construction process planner. CONSTRUCTION PLANEX is a knowledge-based system that generates project plans...





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