Meadow ET in the Bear River Basin of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho
This study was begun in 1982 to assist the Bear River Commission in their statutory obligation of determining a duty of water under the Bear River compact. The study involved installing...

Maximum and Actual ET from Grasses and Grass-Like Plants
Two studies of mountain meadow water use were conducted along the Little Laramie River and in the Upper Green River Basin of Wyoming. Monthly and seasonal data from twelve non-weighing...

Water Use by Saltcedar in an Arid Environment
Specialized instruments and measurement techniques developed at the University of Arizona facilitate precise estimation of evapotranspiration (ET) with the energy budget model. Use of...

Modelling Transpiration of Subalpine Trees in the Central Rocky Mountains
Forest evapotranspiration (ET) has long been recognized to be a major component in the mass water balance of subalpine watersheds in the central Rocky Mountains. In recent years, research...

Picture Index for Field Verification of Crop Coefficients
A picture index has been developed for eight irrigation crops to obtain reliable, rapid, and low-cost field determinations of crop growth stages and corresponding crop coefficient (Kc)...

Alfalfa Crop Coefficients for NW Nevada

Alfalfa Yield Variance Under Scheduled Irrigation

Regionalized Statistics Applied to Evapotranspiration

Simple Hydrologic Modeling
Several simple models for estimating precipitation and evapotranspiration from a limited data base are discussed. Rainfall probabilities may be calculated from mean monthly rainfall. Depth-duration-frequencies...

Daily Trends in Soil Evaporation and Plant Transpiration for Irrigated Corn

A Farmer Operated Irrigation Scheduling Procedure

Total Water Management for Alfalfa

New Evapotranspiration Process: Key to Zero Discharge for Electroplaters
The electroplating process and methods of handling electroplating wastes at the Naval Air Rework Facility in Pensacola, Florida are described. In the past, evapotranspiration as a treatment...

Scheduling Irrigation in the Southeast with a Screened Evaporation Pan

Blaney-Criddle Coefficients for Western Turf Grasses

Hydrologic Effects of a Severe Forest Fire

Hydrologic Simulation of the Effects of Forest Removal

Curve Numbers from Watershed Data

The Impact of Irrigation on Ground Water Quality

Production Functions for Tomatoes as Affected by Irrigation and Row Spacing





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