Eutrophication Analysis of TVA Reservoirs

Assessment and Analysis of Eutrophication of Tennessee River System Impoundments

Development of Basis for Establishing Eutrophication Management Program for Spanish Impoundments

Assessment of Illinois Impoundments: Relationship of Water Quality to Watershed Characteristics, Hydrology, and Lake

Analysis of Water Quality Variations in Reservoirs: Implications for Monitoring and Modelling Efforts

A Water Quality Management Model for Reservoirs

An Assessment of the Ecology of Fox Chain and Lakes and the Applicability of In-Lake Restoration Techniques

Limnological Studies of Zumbro Lake and the Application of Quantitative Techniques to Control the Sources of Cultural Eutrophication

Modeling Storm Overflow Impacts on Eutrophic Lake
A mathematical model was developed to predict the transient impact of storm loads on phosphorus, fecal coliform, and dissolved oxygen concentrations in Onondaga Lake and determine the...

Monitoring Noxious Plant Spread in Reservoirs

Eutrophication-Related Water Quality in Dillon Reservoir

A Ten Year Improvement in Water Quality in a Major Okanagan Valley Lake as a Result of Municipal Wastewater Phosphorus Reduction

Predicting Eutrophication Impacts of Development

Remote Sensing that Motivated Community Action

The Operational Use of Landsat for Lake Quality Assessment

Impact of Waste Diversion on Water Quality in Lakes
Wastewater was diverted from three eutrophic lakes, given land treatment, and then discharged back to the lake tributaries. Results indicate loading reductions, some improvements in water...

Trophic State of LaFarge Reservoir
A review is presented of three different methods used in analyzing the eutrophication potential of the Lake LaFarge Reservoir in Wisconsin. The trophic models examined include two computer...

Eutrophication and Lake Management

Wind Induced Flow of Water in Network
Increased eutrophication of the marshes and lakes in the polder district of Vollenhove in the Netherlands promoted research into the transport of pollutants through the system. The marshes...

Phosphate Release and Sorption by Lake Mohegan Sediments
The release rate of phosphorus from lake sediments to the overlying water was measured in a laboratory experiment. The sediments were from Lake Mohegan, a eutrophic lake in northern Westchester...





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