Modeling Groundwater Response to a Perimeter Flood
A large industrial facility in the west of France was impacted by a flood in January 1995. Costs associated with the disruption in one week of production were estimated at $15E6 US. In...

Flood Trends in Austria

Hydrological Analysis of High Flows and Floods in the Sava River Near Zagreb (Croatia)

Catastrophic Floods and Their Risk in the Rivers of Albania

Pipe Network Analysis and Design in Developing Regions. Case Study: Novokuznetsk, Siberia
Pipe network analysis, design and optimization in developing countries poses some unique problems, yet, is of paramount importance. Under these conditions, there is frequently only sparse...

Preliminary Studies of a Karst Warm Spring in Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
A warm spring occurs at the west foot of Mt. Kruterin, characterized by relatively higher temperature (17.4°C) and sulfate concentration (162 mg/L) against with the regional background...

System of River Floods Warning in Ukraine
The diversity of climatic, geomorphologic, and soil conditions causes significant space differences in the conditions of river flood formation in Ukraine. The Carpathians region is the...

The Use of Monitoring of Russian Water Objects for the Decrease of Disaster Consequences
The project of the United States Monitoring System for Water Resources was created. This system united the possibilities of different kinds of existed systems for observation of water...

The Last Two Extreme Floods in Germany—Analyses and Consequences
The last two extreme floods in Germany occurred in December 1993/January 1994 and January 1995 within the River Rhine basin with both floods having different causes. In a comparison study,...

Impact of Anthropogenic Activities in Rivers Upon Accuracy of Hydrological Forecasts and on Development of Forecasting Methodologies—Experiences from the Slovak-Hungarian Reach of Danube
The Danube, as an international river, crosses eight states of Europe. This calls for the need of close cooperation of the Danubian countries, particularly for operational forecasts issuance,...

Hysteresis Effect of Karst Vadose Zone in Spring Kr5, Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
Hysteresis effect is considerable in Spring Kr5, involving a chain of processes of recharge-infiltration-discharge. The lag time of each process to another can be briefly summarized and...

Venice, Italy: An Integrated Approach to Solve the Environmental Problems of Its Unique Collection System
The prolonged lack of maintenance of the canals of the city of Venice, Italy, has caused a build-up of sediments resulting in a frequent occurrence of the low waters which has ultimately...

Deep Geological Disposal Programs in Preparation and Under Development

Ukrainian Program of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations

Isotopic Systematics of Saline Waters at Äspö and Laxemar, Sweden

Intended Validation in the Swedish Program for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Evaluation of Geological Formations of West Ukraine from the Standpoint of Raw Disposal

Geological and Geophysical Studies of Sites in the Ukrainian Shield Rock Series Suitable for Construction of Underground Laboratories

Geoenvironmental Evaluation of Geological Formations of Lithuania for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Site Selection and Evaluation of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Regulatory Aspects





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