The Regulated River and Sturgeon Spawning Migration

Use of Volga River Flow for Power Generation and Fishery Purposes. Mitigation of Conflicts of Interest

EDF Experience in Improving Reservoir Releases for Ecological Purposes

Oxygen Uptake at Barrages of the Elbe Cascade

A Debris Flow Triggered by a Soil Slip on Elba Island, Italy

The 1985 Flow Slide and Debris Flow at Stava (Italy)

Debris Flow Monitoring Activities in an Instrumented Watershed on the Italian Alps

The Evolution of Geosynthetics
Although the geosynthetics industry only began in the 1960s, it roots can be traced to the earliest humans. Soil stabilization, soil reinforcement, liquid drainage and leak proof barrier...

Swedish Success
Constructing the Hoga Kusten Bridge in northern Sweden, which features the seventh-longest main span of any suspension bridge in the world, was a complex task made more difficult by the...

Construction Industry Transformations in Poland: Opportunities for International Business

Opportunities for Investments in Polish Construction Industry

Working within the Russian Construction Sector through the St. Petersburg Construction Partnership

U.S. Versus Western European Highways: Why the Differences in Quality?

Construction Loads and Other Safety Measures Specified by US, UK and Japanese Bridge Standards

A Bridge for the 21st Century
The authors write about the cable spinning process used in the Great Belt East Bridge project in Denmark. The bridge, when completed, will be the largest suspension bridge in the world....

Scandinavia's International Connection (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The 7.8-km-long cable-stayed ├śresund Bridge, the centerpiece of the first road and rail link between Scandinavia and Europe, is the third and final link of the 15.8 km Oresund Link. The...

Final Covers for Solid Waste Landfills and Abandoned Dumps
This book presents the essential elements for the design of final covers for solid waste landfills and abandoned dumps. Chapter 1 gives an overview and presents selected aspects of regulations...

Design Tools for Public Cars Transportation Systems

Experimentation of the ERTMS System on the Italian, German and French Railways

A Model for the Design and Control of Urban Electric Traction Systems





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