SMART-800: A GPS Based Directional Wave Buoy

A Systems Approach to the Optimal Safety Level of Connecting Water Barriers in a Sea-Lake Environment. Case Study: The Afsluitdijk Dam, The Netherlands

Ambient Air Quality in Slovak Republic

Mobility Management: A New Approach to TDM

The Proposed New Version of German Highway Capacity Manual

Development and Calibration of a New Cellular Automation Model for Simulation of Traffic Flow on German Motorways (Autobahn)

Stability of Biological Engineering Methods

River Restoration Projects of South-West Germany: Aim and Development

Restoration of Boreal Lowland Rivers in Finland: Problems and Approaches with Respect to Conservation and Flood Protection

An Environmentally-Influenced Water-Resources Plan for England and Wales

Diagnosis of Buried Sewers: Tools and Methods, the French Experience

Cable-Stay Conundrum
Wind- and rain-induced vibrations of cables on cable-stayed bridges are a relatively new phenomenon. While some observers report hearing about such vibrations ten or 12 years ago, typically...

The Russian Construction Complex in Transition to Market Economy

Deep Foundations in Berlin, Germany: Three Case Histories

Seismic Risk Analysis for Vrancea Zone

Lessons of the Recent Earthquakes in Sakhalin Region, Russia

The New Madrid Earthquake: Preparing Nurses

Tornadoes and Severe Storms in Russia

Seismotectonic and Seismic Hazard in Southern Bulgaria

Seismic Hazard Assessment of the NPPS in the ČR





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