EUREAU Survey on Artificial Recharge

Artificial Recharge and Water Supply in the Netherlands, State-of-the-Art and Future Trends

Artificial Recharge in the Meijendel Dunes Forty Years of Experience

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in the Maaskant Area

Ecological Engineering and Artificial Recharge at Groot Berkheide

Borehole Recharge - A Drought Management Strategy in N. London, UK

Rational Ground Water Reservoir Management: The Role of Artificial Recharge

Deep Well Infiltration in the North-Holland Dune Area

Artificial Recharge in Four Water Plants in Sweden

On Recharging Ground Water in the Plain Near Venice

The Artificial Recharge of Underground Aquifer of the Idice Torrent in the Province of Bologna (Italy)

Stress Relaxation in Constantly Deflected PE Pipes

Buried Plastic Pipe - Performance Versus Prediction

DYNPRO—An Aid For Short-Term Operation of a Cascade of Hydropower Stations

Hydro Pumped Storage, International Experience an Overview of ASCE Task Committee Report

Hydroelectric Power Generation Assessment for Russia—Cooperation in a Mututal Transfer of Technology

Floating Debris and Spillways

The Danuvian Ship Lock YBBS Persenbeug—A New Concept in Hydraulic Gate Control

Preliminary Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Highway Bridges in Istanbul, Turkey

The Canal de Provence Dynamic Regulation System: A Safe and Suitable Process for Operating Water Conveyance Structures





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