How to Manage Floodwaves in the Dutch Meuse: Future Measures to Reduce the Inconvenience of Inundations
This study showed that in the Gravelmeuse the combination of nature development and reducing of inundation inconvenience is possible. In the framework of the obliged supply of a fixed...

Influence of Flooding Events on Suspended Matter Quality of the Meuse River (The Netherlands)
Flooding events of the Rhine and Meuse Rivers have struck The Netherlands in 1993 and 1995. In the Meuse River basin, the river forelands have been widely used for housing and agro-industrial...

From Natural Disaster to Human-Caused Disaster
This paper deals with the assessment of the environmental effects of the channelization, which has been monitored throughout the first year after completion of the project. Although the...

River Dnister Pollution with Toxic Waste as a Result of Accident at Potassium Fertilizers Factory
River Dnister has a length of 1,352 km. Its spring is situated in Carpathian Mountains at the height of more than 900 m. Dnister runs across the territory of Ukraine and Moldova Republic...

Wetland Restoration in Southern North Sea Coastal Areas: The Experience of Britain and The Netherlands
Over the past 500 years, extensive reclamation of tidal wetland areas in the lowlands surrounding the Southern North Sea has taken place. In the Netherlands, reclamation has been an essential...

Assessment of Risks of Flooding by Use of a Two-Dimensional Model
In case of rare floods, the rivers might go far away from their minor bed, submerging large areas, eventually with relatively high velocities. One-dimensional models are not suitable to...

Perspectives of Rebuilding Inner City Airports in the Emerging Post-Soviet Environment

The French Experience in Bursting Rehabilitation for Pipeline Crossings

Paris Spreads Its Western Wing

CAD and Visualization in Architectural Design Education - A View from Germany

Expert System for Assessing Main Pipeline Reliability and Residual Lifetime

Geologic Uncertainties in Tunneling

Low Temperature Performance Rating Criteria for Lubrication Greases

Driven Pile Capacities in Warm Permafrost in Komi Republic, Russia

Pavement Design Applying Allowable Frost Heave

Concrete Pavements in Tunnels

History of Coastal Engineering in Denmark

History of Coastal Engineering in France

History of Coastal Engineering in Great Britain

History and Heritage in Coastal Engineering in The Netherlands





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