Experimentation of the ERTMS System on the Italian, German and French Railways

A Model for the Design and Control of Urban Electric Traction Systems

Bus Gate, Pre-Signal and Queue Relocation: The Park View Road Bus Priority Scheme

Wavelet Transforms for Incident Detection on Motorways

Use of Traffic Information System in Congested Area

Development and Application of Urban Information Strategies

VMS Control in Aalborg

The Use of Digital Geographic Information in Transportation Engineering

System Integration in Traffic Management Centres

Technology Standards and Deployment of Advanced Transportation Technologies: A Comparative Case Study of Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) in the United States and France

The Gaudi-Marseille Experiment: An Example of a Multiservice Remote Payment System

Vision Technique for Platoon Driving

REGIT Project: An Advanced Transportation Management System for the City of Terni

Saving Scotland's Busiest Bridge
The world's most extensive bridge monitoring system has been installed on Glasgow's Kingston Bridge so that the engineers can prevent collapse during a long-term...

Evaluation of the UK Coastal Research Facility

Wave Induced Nearshore Circulation in the Ebro Delta

The 'Dynamics of Beaches' Project

Modelling of Hydro- and Lithodynamic Processes in Kolłobrzeg Region

Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the Øresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

Particle Dynamics in the Sound Between Denmark and Sweden





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