Seismic Reliability Assessment of Critical Lifeline Equipment

Rocking and Overturning of Electrical Equipment under Pulse Type Motions

Earthquake Damage Survey Methods Based on Airborne High-Definition Television (HDTV), Photography and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Fragility Estimates for Electrical Substation Equipment

Seismic Qualification and Fragility Testing of Porcelain Transformer Bushings

Improvement of Fragilities for Electrical Substation Equipment

Electric System Seismic Mitigation

Catastrophic Risk Financing and Multi-Hazard Study for BC Hydro

Design and Bidding of UV Disinfection Equipment—Case Study

Defusing the Millennium Bomb
On January 1, 2000, some date-sensitive computer systems may interpret the year as 1900, wiping out or altering data or crashing altogether. Richard L. Bland was put in charge of assessing...

Riding the Technology Wave
Computer hardware and software is getting faster, more powerful and more affordable. At the same time, the way in which engineers use the equipment is varying. Identifying costs and benefits...

Engineering Cold Regions Maintenance Equipment for the 21st Century

A CAD-Based Simulation Tool for Earthmoving Construction Method Selection

Environment for the Selection of Industrial Equipments

4-D Annotator: A Visual Decision Support Tool for Construction Planners

Automated Data Collection for Earthwork Estimating

Laboratory Pipe Box Testing to Simulate Toe Drain Performance

Deep Mixing Method: A Global Perspective

Swing Method for Deep Mixing

Augered Minipiles: A Cost-Effective Foundation for Light Structures





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