Nonlinear Magnetothermoelastic Waves in Perfect Conductors

A Low Tech Solution for a High Tech IVHS Problem

Windows of Opportunity for Existing Toll Plaza ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) Retrofits

Virtual Reality Environment for Design and Analysis of Automated Construction Equipment

A Design for a Public Transit Facilities and Equipment Management System

Digital Data-Collection Device for Construction Site Documentation

Automated Labor and Equipment Card (ALEC)

Modelling Construction Information Using OO CASE Tools

Equipment Selection in Opencast Mining Using an Expert System Shell

Statistical Analysis to Test the Influence of Flexibility on Construction Processes

State of the Art of the Latest Generation Wet-Mix Shotcrete Equipment/Systems

Assessment of the Performance of the SMERF Indoor Fire Facility with the Use of an Active Calorimeter

A Dry Spent Nuclear Fuel Transfer System

System Safety Analysis of the Yucca Mountain Tunnel Boring Machine

US Army Corps of Engineers Operations and Maintenance Management Innovations

The Grizzly Powerhouse—A Modern High-Head Hydrogenerating Facility

Chickamauga Hydro Unit 3 History of Problems, Application of New Technology and Corrective Actions

Medium Voltage Breaker Rehabilitation: A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Replacement, Retrofit and Interrupter Technology Options

Generator Circuit Breaker Retrofit

Water in Lube Oil Detection Methods for a Large Synthetic Lube Oil Step-up Gear Unit Type Hydroelectric Turbine Application





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