Forensic Engineering: Investigators Fault Epoxy 'Creep' in Big Dig Collapse

Crossing the Yangtze
The Nanjing Second Yangtze River Bridge, which links two parts of the city of Nanjing, features the first use of an epoxy asphalt deck pavement in China and one of the longest cable-stayed...

Concrete Connections
A new application of polymer composites involves the repair and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete frame connections. Test results from a pilot study conducted at the California State...

Epoxy-Soaked Fiberglass Liner Strengthes Manholes

Smokestack Rescue
The site of an abandoned cement plant was transformed, via rehabilitation and new construction, into a $56 million retail and entertainment complex. The most prominent visual landmarks...

Coating of Steel Structures in Cold Regions

Prefabricated Epoxy-Coated Rebar for the U.S. Navy

Improving the Performance of Epoxy-Coated Rebar

Slowing Corrosion Damage in Concrete: The Use of Organic-Coated, Ceramic-Clad, Metallic-Clad and Solid Metallic Reinforcing Bars

Epoxy-Coated Rebar for Marine Structures

Testing and Field Performance of the High Strength Fiber Wrapping System

Optimum Design Considerations for Composite Truss Bridges

Epoxy-Coated Rebar Doing Well in Indiana After All These Years, Study Finds

Epoxy-Coated Rock Anchors for Upper Occoquan Dam

Production of Lunar Concrete Using Molten Sulfur
A study has been undertaken by the authors and supported by NASA to study the feasibility of using lunar regolith with different binders such as molten sulfur, epoxy or hydraulic cement...

An Ultra-Lightweight Advanced Technology Telescope for Space Applications
We propose a new type of telescope designed specifically for space and lunar applications. The optical reflecting surfaces of the telescope are made by replication onto thin ultra-lightweight...

Corrosion Resistant Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel
Research conducted in the 1970s to evaluate and develop criteria for nonmetallic coatings to protect steel reinforcing bars embedded in concrete bridge decks from the corrosive action...

Macrocell Corrosion of Bent Epoxy-Coated Bars

New Concept for Wrapping Columns with a High Strength Fiber/Epoxy System

Epoxy-Coated Rebar Scores in West Virginia Study





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