Protecting the Source
The city of New York is engaged in a five-year, $1.5 billion effort to protect water quality in the upstate watersheds that are the source of its drinking water. Under the terms of a 1997...

Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows Around Submerged Groins

Recent Criteria for Design of Groins

Equalizing Wet Weather Flows
Sanitary sewer overflows and combined sewer overflows can wreak havoc on communities by flooding basements, contaminating drinking water sources and recreational water bodies, and flowing...

Design Considerations for Coastal Zone Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Wave Action

Halting Corrosion Using Electrochemical Methods

Remote Dredging Can Replenish Beaches

Tunnels through the History of Seattle

Coastal Change?Scales of Processes and Dimensions of Problems

Cross-Shore Beach Profile Response to Storm Surge

Relationship between On-Offshore Sediment Transport Rate on the Beach Face and Wave Energy

Long-Term Cross-Shoreface Sediment Fluxes

The Role and Time Scale of Cross-Shore Sediment Exchange for a Barrier Island Shoreface

Profile Re-Opening on the Shoreface of the Holland Coast

The Circulation over a Longshore Bar with Rip Channels

Hurricane Impacts and Shoreline Recovery along Masonboro Island, North Carolina

Instability of River Mouth Locations in Pocket Beaches

The Importance of Inlet Littoral Budget Variability

Inlet Impacts and Families of Solutions for Inlet Sediment Budgets

Coastal Impacts of the Pensacola Pass Entrance, Florida, U.S.A.





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