Applications of Multibeam Echo Sounding with Topographic Mapping for Monitoring of Rubble Mound Breakwaters
Analysis of data from the breakwater monitoring program indicates the integration of multibeam survey capability with the increased accuracy of OTF DGPS positioning and advanced data management...

Application of Multibeam Echo Sounding and Side Scan Sonar for Mapping of Shoreline Protection Revetments
The use of multibeam survey methodology coupled with high precision positioning systems for the mapping of shoreline protection features and the adjacent offshore areas allows development...

Environmental Engineering: Sam's Club Developers Balk at Green Certification

Wastewater: U.S. EPA Promotes Water Quality Trading

Environmental Engineering: Federal Court Questions Legality of Mine Debris

Geotechnical Aspects of Beach Restoration
Large-scale beach restoration undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Florida requires millions of cubic yards of beach quality sand. Exploration for these sand resources starts...

Characteristics and Implications of Relict Carbonate Paleoshorelines
Throughout the Florida-Bahamas region, the accumulation of coastal carbonate deposits, excepting the present highstand, appears to be episodic. Back through time these deposits provide...

Policy Briefing: EPA Seeks Input for Embattled Superfund Program

Environmental Engineering: Illinois Group Returns Levee District to Backwater Lake

EPA Projects $534-Billion Water Funding Gap

Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance (CMOM) Overview
Attendees will have a better understanding of the new policy and the benefits of compliance. The purpose of the CSO Rule or CMOM by EPA is creating a wave of activity across the country....

Unlocking the Mystery of Cathodic Protection for Water Systems
This paper explores corrosion and its prevention through the use of cathodic protection. It defines the principles of cathodic protection and explains in a simplified way how cathodic...

Remediation: EPA Settles on Project to Contain Mine Runoff

Solid Waste: EPA Approves Bioreactor Landfill Test Sites

Sedimental Journey
A numerical shoreline evolution model was used to examine the shoreline changes associated with the release of 2.3 million m� of beach-quality sediment from behind Matilija Dam in Ventura...

Shoring Up Coastal Engineering
Half of Americans live within 50 mi (80 km) of the coast, although it is becoming increasingly risky and expensive to do so. The importance of ports to the global economy coincides with...

EPA Adopts Final rule Restricting Radionuclides in Drinking Water

ASCE Wins Concessions on Dredged Material Discharge Rule of EPA and Engineers Corps

Environmental Engineering: Entrapped Microorganisms Enhance Groundwater Treatment

Report Urges EPA to Reduce Urban Sprawl through CWA





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