Policy Briefing: Utilities Look to EPA for Perchlorate Standard after NRC Report

Environmental Engineering: Chevron to Restore Port Arthur Wetland

Environmental Engineering: Multiple Crossings Enable Animals to Pass from Forest to Forest

Wastewater Treatment: EPA Revokes Blending Proposal, Prompting Uncertainty About Future Policy

ASCE Takes Part in EPA Competition; Students Commended for Sustainable Designs

Drinking Water: EPA Survey Increases Estimate of Infrastructure Needs

Environmental Engineering: Mill Tailings to be Removed from Colorado River Site, Energy Department Says

Environmental Engineering: Great Lakes Restoration Strategy Recommends Eight Priorities

Water Resources: NPDES Permits Not Needed for Water Transfers, EPA Says

NewsBriefs: EPA Reclassifies Six Compounds (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Makes Research Center Permanent (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: Seawall Protects City From Tsunami (BBC News)

NewsBriefs: EPA Grants $1.6 Million For Diesel Engine Retrofits (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Rule Aims To Reduce Mercury Emissions (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Environmental Engineering: Airfield to be Buried under Dredged Sediment to Restore Wetlands

NewsBriefs: EPA Establishes Water Security Division (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Proposes Emission Cuts (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Releases Coastal Condition Report (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA Forms World Trade Center Panel (Environmental Protection Agency)

NewsBriefs: EPA to Enforce Tougher Soot Standard (Environmental Protection Agency)





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