Laboratory Experiments on Entrainment Due to Free Convection

Gravity Flow and Entrainment by Dense Gases Released Instantaneously Into Calm Air

Laboratory Experiments on Intrusive Flow in a Linearly Stratified Pycnocline

Dense Inflows Into Narrow Reservoirs

Entrainment by Katabatic Winds in Adelie land, Antarctica

Entrainment of Two-Layer Thermal Density Flow in a Shallow Channel

Turbulence and Fronts in Three-Dimensional Surface Plumes

Coherent Structure and Its Contributions to Entrainment in Plane Forced Plume

Optimum Removal of Noncondensable Gases for Open Cycle OTEC System
For an open cycle OTEC system the dissolved gases in warm surface seawater are evolved in the flash evaporator. Those behave as noncondensable gases in the condenser and degrade the condensing...

Strength, Durability and Creep of Fly-Ash Concrete: Part II
Tests on sulphate durability of various plain and fly ash mortars soaked in pH-controlled sulphate solutions were performed. The performance of several types of ash have been examined,...

Fishery Assessments at Hydroelectric Projects Using Electrofishing, Nets, and Hydroacoustics
Assessments of fish population and entrainment were made at a hydroelectric generating station and spill dam on the Ohio River. By combining complementary sampling techniques, full assessments...

Fish Mortality at a New Low-Head Hydroelectric Plant
A study was developed for the Morrow Plant to investigate the potential for turbine related mortality of entrained fish. Morrow Lake supports a small sport fishery, mainly for smallmouth...

Entrainment of Bed Sediment by Density Underflows
The erosion caused by a density-driven underflow has been studied experimentally. The observations indicate that a strong density current can entrain substantial amounts of bed sediment....

Hydraulic Model Studies and Design of Plunge-Flow Drop Structures

EntrapmentMonitoring at an Arctic Seawater Intake
This paper presents the results of a monitoring program designed to quantify the level of fish entrapment during a seawater treatment plant (STP) operation as well as immediate and delayed...

Plume Underflow Interaction in Natural Enclosures
A preliminary investigation into the feasibility of using a hot-water plume to intercept and entrain a cold underflow is presented. The investigation involved an adaptation of existing...

Experimental Study of Turbidity Currents

Analytical Modeling of Sediment Particle Lift-Up

Natural Air Entrainment in High Velocity Flows

Entrainment and Mixing in Inclined Dense Plumes





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