Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

Sound Way to Save Fish
Fish protection need not cost an arm and a fin. Using light and sound to spare fragile blueback herring and other species a harrowing fate, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers devised a fish...

The Development of Air Entrained Durable Shotcrete for Structural Repairs

Development of an Operational, Full-Scale Fish Protection System at a Major Pumped-Storage Hydropower Dam

Evaluation of an Integrated Fish-Protection System

Learning the Ropes at Richard B. Russell Dam: Net Systems for Medium Head Hydropower Pumpback and Generation Fish Sampling

Turbine Entrainment at Six Hydroelectric Projects Located on the AuSable River, Michigan

Fish Entrainment Studies—A Logistic Nightmare and How to Wake Up

Comparison of Full Tailrace Netting and Hydroacoustic Monitoring for Estimating Entrainment at Two Hydroelectric Stations in Wisconsin

Biological Significance is Not the Issue

Channel Bed Mobility and Scour On A Regulated, Gravel-Bed River

Six Years of Monitoring the Effectiveness of a Barrier Net at the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant on Lake Michigan

Sediment Pass-Through, An Alternative to Reservoir Dredging

Modeling Oil Deposition on Shorelines and Re-Entrainment

Flow Resistance and Energy Dissipation in Skimming Flow Over Stepped Spillways

Observations of Water Movement in a Block of Fractured Welded Tuff

Fish Entrainment and Strategies for Diversion
Hydroelectric power projects often impound reservoirs which contain important recreational fisheries. The entrainment of fish through these facilities and the possible associated entrainment...

Energy Losses in Steep Tributary Streams at Flows Near The Threshold of Bedload Entrainment
The flow patterns in mountain tributary streams that depends on the channel morphology, cobbles, boulders and debris that protrude along the channel and bank height cause energy losses...

The Transport of Gravels in Boulder-Bed Streams
In boulder-bed streams, gravel is typically found in isolated pockets protected by local flow obstructions. The deposition and entrainment of these gravels depend strongly on the local...

Air Entrainment and Bubble Behavior in Plunge Pools
This study analyzes air entrainment by falling nappes and bubble behavior in plunge pools, using an experimental-analytical-numerical method. The experimental work was done at the Tennessee...





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