Mechanism of Energy Dissipation and Hydraulic Design for Plunge Pools Downstream of Large Dams

Dam Foundation Erosion: Behavior of a Free-Trajectory Jet in a Plunge Basin

Influence of Pumped-Storage Powerplant Zarnowiec on Natural Lake (Lower Reservoir)

Prediction of Dissolved Gas Concentration Downstream of a Spillway

A Hybrid System of Wave Power Extraction and Shore Protection

Study on Wave Pumping-Up Power Station

An Experimental Study on Effective Conversion of Wave Energy into Potential Energy

Characteristics of Flow Conditions on Stepped Channels

Energy Dissipation in Stepped Waterway

The Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downstream Sluice Weir

Fatigue Behavior Under New Aircraft Loading Conditions

Performance Evaluations and Incentive Programs for Estimators and Project Managers in Electrical Construction

Inspection/Quality Control Issues for Residential Energy Efficient Construction

Electric Power Systems
This section discusses major components and subsystems of electric power systems. Also present is a guide for performing a post-earthquake investigation of electric power facilities, including...

Emergency Power Systems
This section provides an overview of emergency power systems, including components and subsystems. Also present is a guide for a post-earthquake investigation of emergency power systems....

Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce High Fuel Consumption in Congested Cities

The Modelling of Plunging Breakers by the Introduction of a K-I Turbulence Closure Model

One-Dimensional Modelling of Individual Breaking Waves

Physical and Numerical Study of Wave Induced Currents in Wave Basins of Various Sizes

A Boussinesq Model for Inshore Zone Sediment Transport Using an Energetics Approach





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