Performance of Petroleum Storage Tanks During Earthquakes 1933–1995

Flushing of Ethylbenzene-Contaminated Clayey Soil Using Tergitol

Assessment of Wave Propagation Effects on a 1925 Pipeline with Oxyacetylene Girth Welds

Endpoints of Bioremediation: Effect of Desorption on Biotransformation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Numerical Analysis of the Powerhouse Cavern Setting for a Pumped Storage Project

Monitoring the Health of Civil Infrastructure

Advances in Composite Materials and Mechanics
Recent advances in the development and use of composite materials have renewed interest in the applications of engineering mechanics in this growing field. This proceedings provides a...

Solid and Sandwich Paving Slabs Containing Coal Combustion Dry Botton Ash

Making the Grade
A new grade of high performance steel, HPS-70W, allows engineers to design tougher, lighter structures. The high performance weathering steel has a yield strength of 70 ksi, or 485 MPa....

Rapid Redecking
A contractor replaced nearly 7,000 m² of steel grid roadway deck filled with microsilica concrete on the Canadian crossing of the Thousand Islands bridge system more than one year ahead...

Wave Transmission and Set-Up at Detached Breakwaters

Satellite Altimeter Data in Wave Energy Studies

Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Water Systems Vulnerable to Tampering

Taste and Odor Control in Drinking Water with Potassium Permanganate

A Simple Model for Gasoline Bioremediation in Soil

ITS Development in China: Some Strategic Issues

Energy Losses on a Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillway

Local Scour Increment by Successive Bridge Construction

Modeling LNAPL Recovery Technologies and GIS-Based Analysis

Role of Computers in Managing Challenges for Program Management of Large Infrastructure Projects





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