Engineering Mt. Hope a State-of-the-Art Pumped Storage Plant

A Seven-year Review of Bath County Power Tunnel Performance

The Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project

Using Pumped Storage for System Regulation: A Transatlantic Perspective

The Automated Instrumentation Monitoring System At The Bad Creek Pumped Storage Project

Upgraded Control System for Vianden Hydro Plant

Geologic Aspects of the Mt. Hope Pumped Storage Project, Dover, NJ

Energy Dissipation in Stepped Spillway

Summit Pumped Storage Project Distributed Control System

Putting Your Reputation on the Slant

Bad Creek & Mingtan - Pump/Turbine Commissioning

Central Valley Project Energy Efficiency Study

Strategic, Operating and Economic Benefits of Modular Pumped Storage

Hydropower Development in China

Regeneration—Potentially Powerful Stuff
Virtually all Automated People Movers (APMs) use electrical power for propulsion. Many designs also use electrical braking to augment any mechanical braking devices for decelerating trains....

Engineering Sustainable Development
Despite some isolated environmental victories in the past few decades, on a system-wide level the problems—from acid rain to destruction of the rain forest—are getting worse. Can humanity...

Compendium of Pumped Storage Plants in the United States
The Compendium of Pumped Storage Plants in the United States was prepared by the Pumped Storage Task Committee of the Hydropower Committee...

Comparison of Model and Field Results for Barbers Point Harbor
As waves travel into harbors from deep water, nonlinear processes lead to transfers of energy from the wind wave frequencies to long waves with periods of the order of several minutes....

Coal-Gas Conundrum
Manufactured gas from coal brought streetlights and clean cooking fuel to the late Victorian era, but a hundred years later their legacy isn't quite so beneficial. Investigators...

On-Site Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel: Emerging Public Issues





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