Fitted Analytical Expressions Giving the Enrichment in U235 of a Fresh Fuel Equal to a Spent PWR Fuel

The Reactivity Effects of Nuclide Buildup and Decay During Long-Term Fuel Storage

Design Basis Spent Nuclear Fuel Characteristics

High-Burnup/Low Cooling-Time Fuel Carrying Capacity of the GA-4 and GA-9 Spent Fuel Shipping Casks

Dry Storage and Transportation of Failed Fuel

Material Condition of Underwater Fuel and Storage Equipment

Dry Storage of Highly Enriched Uranium Fuel

Certification of a Spent Fuel Cask for Storage and Transportation

Role of the Dual Purpose (Storage and Transport) Metal Cask In the Spanish Strategy for Temporary Storage of Spent Fuel

Subrepository Scale Hydrothermal Analysis in Support of Total System Performance Assessment at Yucca Mountain

System Impacts of Fuel (Age and Burnup) Selection

STRANDNET: A Top-Level Storage, TRANsportation & Disposal NETwork Systems Analysis Tool for Spent Nuclear Fuel Waste Management

What Do We Mean By a Cold Repository?

Large Diameter Storm Sewer with Energy Dissipation Structures

Strategic Ship Routing Impacts of Temporal Coverage with Real-time Satellite Altimeter-Based Current Information
We investigate strategic ship routing impacts of temporal coverage with real-time satellite altimeter-based current information. We sample underlying daily `true' current patterns along...

A Simplified Method of Multistory-frame Analysis Including the P-Δ Effect
A simplified method of non-iterative analysis of rigid multistory-frames having vertical columns with different heights within the same story is developed by means of a modification to...

Computer Based Energy Analysis for Mechanical Retrofit of Buildings
Visionaries in the HVAC arena are now focusing their attention on servicing and retrofitting existing buildings. These efforts include modernizing and upgrading deteriorated equipment,...

Performance of Oil Storage Tanks on Vibroflotation Improved Hydraulic Fill in the Port of Tampa, Florida
The paper describes a case history of design, construction and performance monitoring of two 80,000 barrel oil storage tank foundations 35 meters in diameter on a soft hydraulic fill soil...

Poorer Is Riskier: Opportunity for Change
With regard to water resources, it is appropriate to build upon two interacting themes of the late Aaron Wildavsky (1988). The first of Wildavsky's themes is the idea of resiliency. The...

Use of Wastes as Fuels in the Cement Industry: Pros & Cons





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