The IAEA Coordinated Research Programme on the Behaviour of Spent Fuel and Storage Facility Components During Long-Term Storage (BEFAST)

Spent Nuclear Fuel Behavior in Long-Term Dry Storage

Sleeve Valves for a Wastewater Application

Geo-Environmental Experience within the Oil Industry in Venezuela

Development of an Operational, Full-Scale Fish Protection System at a Major Pumped-Storage Hydropower Dam

Evaluation of an Integrated Fish-Protection System

Advanced Pumped Storage Creates New Transmission Capacity on Existing Conductors

Improved Air Quality Through the Application of Advanced Pumped Storage

The Mt. Hope Waterpower Porject: A Pumped Storage Facility that Enhances the Environment While Supplying On-Demand Electrical Needs

Optimizing Energy Value and Irrigation Demand

Structural Investigation of Penstock Y-Branch

Development of the Hydropower and Environment

The World Highest Head Adjustable–Speed Pumped Storage—Okukiyotsu No. 2 Hydro Project, Japan

Pumped Storage Upgrades—Items to Consider

Chaira Pumped Storage Now in Operation

Application Aspects of the Static Frequency Converter System in Pumped Storage Power Plants

Replacement of the Static Frequency Converter Starting Equipment at the Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant

Dinorwig Power Station Generator Motor Stators—The Development of Tooling for Stator Rewedging with the Rotor in Situ

Next Generation Pumped Storage Development

Hydro Pumped Storage, International Experience an Overview of ASCE Task Committee Report





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