Physical and Numerical Study of Wave Induced Currents in Wave Basins of Various Sizes

Thermal Response of Bare Steel Roof Assemblies to Fire Environments in Aerosol Storage Facilities

The Development of New Structural Systems in the Aftermath of the Kobe Earthquake

Experimental Implementation of Hybrid Control

Energy Dissipation Devices in Bridges using Hydraulic Dampers

An Electrorheological Damper with Annular Duct

An Emerging Technology: Damping Design for Wind and Seismic Events

Structural Control: Basic Concepts and Applications

Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology
International Experience
This Committee report, Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology: International Experience, was prepared by the Task Committee on Pumped Storage,...

Energy-Based Modeling of High Damping Rubber Seismic Isolators for Dynamic Analysis

Application of Vertical Turbulence Closure Schemes in the Chesapeake Bay Circulation Model — A Comparative Study

Simulating Evapotranspiration on Semi-Arid Rangelands
Detailed simulations of the surface energy balance using the Simultaneous Heat and Water (SHAW) model were compared with measurements collected at the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed...

An Update on Surface Renewal Estimation of Evapotranspiration
The surface renewal (SR) method for estimating sensible heat flux density (H) has been shown to give good estimates of evapotranspiratiou (ET) when used in an energy balance equation with...

Hazardous Soil Remediation: A Cooperative Effort between Industry and Government
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company's Antioch Works (Dupont) is on the San Joaquin River 30 miles east of San Francisco, California. For about 25 years, ending in 1981, Dupont...

Reductive Pyrolysis for the Destruction of Chloromethane: A Reaction Pathway Model Based on Thermodynamic and Thermokinetic Considerations
Among various thermal technologies available for the destruction chlorinated hydrocarbons, incineration, catalytic hydrogenation, and pyrolysis are important. Pyrolysis employed under...

A Cost-Effective approach to In Situ Remediation of Soil and Groundwater at a Diesel Fuel Spill Site
A bioventing and groundwater treatment system designed to enhance the natural biodegradation of diesel fuel residuals in soil and prevent further groundwater degradation was installed...

Identifying Potential Trophic Relationships and Bioaccumulation Pathways between Fish and Invertebrates
A large ocean monitoring database was used to quantify relationships between demersal fish, epibenthic macroinvertebrates (EMI) and benthic infauna that provide potential pathways for...

Direct Sizing of Small Stormwater Pump Stations
Pump stations are components of stormwater drainage systems that remove collected storm runoff from locations where drainage by gravity is not feasible. Usually pump stations will operate...

Biodegradation Modeling of a Closed Landfill Site
The two-dimensional model, BIOPLUME II, was applied to the closed Becker County Landfill at Detroit township, Minnesota, to study the transport of hydrocarbons occurring at the site. The...

Basic Concepts and Applications of Structural Control





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