Orange County Central and Coastal Program

The Marine Animal Database: Design, Methods and Use

Land Management Practices and Endangered Species in the Watershed: Are They Compatible? A Case History

Tidewater Goby (Eucyclogobius newberryi) Management in California Estuaries

How Can We `Improve Coordination' of Water Resource Planning with the Endangered Species Act?

Improved Coordination and Cooperation of ESA Activities: How Can We Help Each Other?

Can a Multi-Species Conservation Plan Conserve 102 Species Including the Four Big River Fish at a Reasonable Cost?

First-Year Selective Withdrawal Performance of the Shasta Dam Temperature Control Device

Remediating Selenium Impacts on Endangered Fish in the Upper Colorado River

A Primer on Nonuse Economic Values

Impacts of In-Stream Flow Requirements Upon Water Temperature in the Central Platte River

An Analysis of Platte River Channel Changes

Environmental Partnerships on the Colorado: Moving from Mediation to True Cooperation

Developing Stakeholder Partnerships for the Management of Imperiled Fish Species: A Case Study

Mandatory Conditioning Requirements: Strategies Following Bangor Hydro-Electric v. FERC, Rainsong v. FERC and Bennett v. Spear

Creative Conflict Resolution - Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, California

Methods and Tool Used to Plan the Rewind of the Fish Units at The Dalles Dam

Alternative Dispute Resolution Don Pedro Hydroelectric Project, California

The 1994 Bay-Delta Accord: An Urban Water Supplier's Perspective

Bay Delta - Implications on Project Operations





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