Simulation of the Flow Field at An Interconnected Riverine System

Unsteady RANS Simulation of Viscous Nonlinear Free Surface Flows

Dynamics and Control of Nonholonomically Constrained Systems

Oscillation of Two Neighboring Bubbles Beneath an Indented Free Surface

On the Laplace Transform Solution of the Semi-differential Equation of Motion of a Single DOF Oscillator

Computer-Based Wave Equation Analysis of Pile Driveability

The Strain Equation -- Incidence on Buried Steel Pipe Design

Manning's Equation and the Internal Combustion Engine

Flow Resistance: Friction or Energy

Field Data on Parameters of Stochastic Open-Channel Flow

Finite Difference Methods for Wave Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients

Thermoelastic Theory of Cylindrical Sandwich Shells with Piezoelectric Sensors or Actuators
Cylindrical sandwich shells with piezoelectric longitudinal and ring elements bonded to the outer and inner surfaces are considered in this paper. Thermal effects are included in the analysis,...

Some Aspects of Determination of Pile Capacity by the Wave Equation
This paper presents some new observations made during correlation study of pile capacity computed by wave equation analysis with failure load from static test. In order to determine proper...

A New LAX-WENDROFF Algorithm to Solve the Bed Continuity Equation With Slope Effect
The numerical simulation of mobile bed evolutions of seas, estuaries and rivers requires a morphological model, including the effects of waves, currents and sediment transport, as well...

Nonlinear Decomposition of a 2-D Wave Field
Based on an understanding of nonlinear wave interaction in dual component wave, a new numerical scheme allowing for hybrid wave-mode modeling has been developed. in the hybrid wave-mode...

Wave Runup on and Wave Reflection from Coastal Structures
Wave runup and wave reflection are two of the most important, easily quantifiable variables that influence the design of coastal structures. Unfortunately there are very few comprehensive...

Propagation of Linear Gravity Waves Over Slowly Varying Depth and Currents
A detailed derivation of some kinematic and dynamic properties linear surface gravity waves-current interaction. The obtained expressions, which are exact within the framework of linear...

Nonlinear Effects on Wave Envelope and Phase
The representation of second-order random waves is examined in terms of the effect of second-order nonlinearities on the wave envelope and phase. Theoretical expressions describing the...

Spectral Boussinesq Modelling of Breaking Waves
Random waves passing over a shallow bar are considered, in particular the amplification of bound harmonics in shoaling water, their subsequent release in deepening water, and the role...

Modelling of Flood Wave Propagation Over Flat Dry Areas of Complex Topography in Presence of Different Infrastructures
After a description of the general equations which govern the propagation of a 2D flood wave (shallow water equations), a review of the scientific publications on the integration of their...





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