Modeling of Moisture Penetration through Cover for Uranium Mill Tailings Site

Dynamic Policies for Emission Reductions when Controlling Air Quality

Safe Landfilling of Contaminated Dredging Spoil
This paper deals with the assessment of the expected emissions of toxic substances from highly contaminated harbor dredged material. The material in question arises from the canal between...

Sound Emission in Fracture Mechanics

Acoustic Emission for Dam Safety Monitoring

Voc Emission Research Program for Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities

Secure Landfills — Hopes and Fears

Direct Gas Emission Measurement Techniques and the Utilization of Emissions Data from Hazardous Waste Sites

Energy and Environmental Audits: Design for Cost Savings and Minimum Emissions

The Nature and Timing of the Next Wave of Government Regulation

Regulation and Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities

Assessment of NOx Control Measures for Diesel Engines on Offshore Exploratory Drilling Vessels and Rigs

Conflict Resolution: Use of the Government-Industry Task Force

Acoustic Emission and Birefringence Behavior of Epoxies

Energy Use and Emissions Impact Measurement in TSM
An equilibrium traffic assignment model is linked to a modal choice model to estimate the route and mode shifting implications of a bus-only lane on Chicago's North Lake Shore...

Acceptance Criteria for Acoustic Emission Testing of FRP Tanks

Acoustic Emission Testing of FRP Pipe

New Source Bubbles; Environmental and Economic Benefits

Hazardous to Nonhazardous Waste Conversion

Solid Waste Disposal at Antelope Valley Station





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