Wastewater: Document on Blending Aims to Resolve Regulatory Standstill

Alternative Energy: Wastewater Facility Benefits from Wind, Solar Power

Economic Outlook: Construction Growth Expected to Continue Despite Rising Costs

Rail Construction: Engineers Overcome Tunneling Challenges on Dutch Freight Line

Environment: First Great Lakes Legacy Act Project Completed

Transportation: New Jersey Turnpike Builds New Interchange to Ease Traffic

Historic Preservation: New York Subway Construction Delayed by Colonial Walls

Short Takes: Book Advances Extraordinary Women Engineers Project

Short Takes: ASCE's National Capital Section Participates in Engineering Festival

Infrastructure Rehabilitation: Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency for California Levees

Bridges: Pennsylvania Conducts Emergency Bridge Inspections

Construction: Computers Assist Cranes in Lifting Roof Sections at Jet Facility

Wastewater: Design Begins of Detroit's Combined Sewer Overflow Solution

Storm Water: Test Results Permit Side-by-Side Comparisons of BMPs

Court Decisions: Statute of Limitations on Construction Lawsuits Upheld

In the Field: Corps of Engineers Term Manages Construction of Afghan Army Facility

Tunnel Construction: Giant TBMs Will Bore Tunnels under Yangtze River at Nanjing

Tunnels: Chicago's Deep Tunnel Project Reaches Milestone

Short Takes: Long Island Branch Honors New York Rail Project

Characterization of Particle Class Sizes Associated with Indicator Organisms in Stormwater
The presence of pathogen indicators is the leading cause of water body impairment in the United States, accounting for over 15% of the waters currently requiring TMDL development (USEPA,...





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