Removal of Subsurface Obstructions: An Alternative Contractual Approach

Perspectives on Risk Assessment in Tunneling

Profile Re-Opening on the Shoreface of the Holland Coast

Chesapeake Bay: Design and Early Performance of Three Headland Breakwater Systems

Inlet Induced Shoreline Changes, High Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, Southeastern North Carolina

Vulnerability: Evaluating the Consequences of Coastal Changes: An Application to Deltaic Coasts

Infilling Processes, Nature of Littoral Barriers and Stability of Inlets in Spanish Natural Harbours

Geologic Mapping of the Nearshore Area Offshore Fire Island, New York

Long Island's South Shore Beaches: A Century of Dynamic Sediment Management

Synthesizing Geological Observations and Processes–Response Data for Modeling Coastal Change at Management Scale

Hydrology in Managed and Unmanaged Louisiana Coastal Marshes

Beach Nourishment Practice at Mesotidal Coast

The Influence of Set-Up Currents on Sediment Movement behind Detached Breakwaters

Prospecting for Sand: Offshore New Jersey

Towards a Proper Coastal Defence Management of the Belgian East Coast

Tidal Inlet Stability at Fire Island, Moriches and Shinnecock Inlets, Long Island, New York

Relocation of a Tidal Channel for Shore Stabilization and Protection

Automatic Real-Time Coastal Bridge Scour Measurements

Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

Modelling Turbidity Associated with Mining Activity at Elizabeth Bay, Namibia





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