Rigid Insulation to Reduce Foundation Embedment

Dynamic Interaction Between Embedded Foundations by the Substructure Deletion Method

Stability of Beams in an Elastic Foundation

Response of Pile Embedded in Stochastic Ground Media

Evaluation of Grout Materials for Anchor Embedments in Hardened Concrete

Installation and Routing of Critical Embedments at the Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant
During the preliminary design phase of the project, a study was conducted to develop concepts for routing embedded piping and conduit between the remote cells and the service corridors...

Screening Effectiveness of Surface Wave by In-filled Trench with Using Boundary Element Method

Townsite Lateral-Stage 2 Belle Fourche Unit - Cheyenne Division Concrete: Pipe with Dumped Bedding and Embedment
In 1933, M. G. Spangler presented three bedding configurations and the concept of a bedding factor to relate the supporting strength of buried concrete pipe to the strength obtained in...

The Behaviour of Embedded Retaining Walls

A Comparison of Straight and Circular Fibers for Concrete
Two previous studies of concrete reinforced with closed loop fibers are reviewed. Statistical moments of fiber systems are derived, including the expected values of the fiber embedment...

Analytical Solutions for Sheet Piles

ACI 349 Embedments: Code Provisions and Methods of Analysis
Steel embedments form the critical link between steel and concrete structures. Appendix B of ACT 349, Code Requirements for Nuclear Safety Related Concrete Structures, specifies the ultimate...

State-of-the-Art Report on Steel Embedments
The basic philosophy underlying the design of steel embedments may be summarized as follows: (1) If an attachment can be located such that a group of cast-in-place anchors can be used...

Reduction of Seismic Response in Breeder Plants
Thin-walled vessels to be used in the Nuclear Steam Supply Systems (NSSS) of future LMFBR's will be more sensitive to seismic excitation than their equivalents used in conventional...

Dynamic Stiffness of Embedded Foundations

Elastic Waves of a Cylinder in an Elastic Medium

An Inelastic Constitutive Model for Fabrics

Stable Embedment Depth of Piles in Swelling Clay

Holding Capacity of Direct Embedment Anchors

Ocean Sediment Holding Strength Against Breakout of Partially Embedded Objects





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