Installation of a Flexible Pipeline Irrigation System in Egypt

Prototype Validation of Erodibility Index for Scour in Granular Media

Effects of the Potential Release of Sediment from No. 6 Watergate Pond Dam

Sediment Budget for the Upper Mississippi River

Energy Losses on a Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillway

Performance of a Stilling Basin with Partially Short Walls

Outlet Repairs Using Cured-in-Place Pipe

Folsom Dam Outlet Works Modifications

Folsom Dam Spillway Stilling Basin Repair

Sediment Bypass System for Grove Dam, Nebraska

Sediment Bypass System for Spalding Dam, Nebraska

Computation of Open Channel Flow Using a Gas-Kinetic Based Scheme

Fractional Volume Methods for the Calculation of Shallow Water Flows

Seismic Risk Management in a Pacific Northwest Utility

Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
The Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering covers the broad area of practice known as geotechnical engineering. Papers are welcomed on topics such as foundations, retaining structures,...

Embedded Sensors for Improved Early-Warning Emergency Response to Damaged Structures

Regionalization of Annual Precipitation Maxima in Montana

Creating of a Data Base of Small Earth Dam for Natural Disaster Reduction

Flood Protection Using Inflatable Dams

Dam Engineers Go Over the Top
In the 1980s, dam engineers with the Lower Colorado River Authority worried that the Wirtz Dam, near Austin, Texas, would fail in the event of a maximum probable flood. They looked to...





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