Comparison of Two Eductors for Sand Bypassing

Demonstration of Equipment for Dredging Contaminated Sediments at Buffalo River, Buffalo, New York

Monitoring of Water Injection Dredging, Dredging Polluted Sediment

Cleanup of a Coal Tar Deposit Using a Vacuum Clam

Demonstration of Pneuma Dredging Technology

Evolution of Cable Arm Clamshell Bucket

The Welland River Dredging Demonstration

Placement Techniques for Capping Contaminated Sediments

Monitoring Performance Indicators on Leased Hydraulic Cutterhead Dredges

Comparing Dredging Costs Across Projects

Microworlds for Learning Through Inquiry
We discuss several computer-based environments to support learning through inquiry, called microworlds, including two focused on steam power plant operation and electronic troubleshooting....

Tunnel Boring Machine for Nuclear Waste Repository Research Project

Environment-Friendly Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid
NASA Ames has formulated a unique candidate non-glycol based freezing point depressant (FPD) fluid material that performs essentially the same or superior to currently used glycol based...

A New Basic Principle for a New Series of Hydraulic Measurements. Erosion by Abrasion, Corrosion, Cavitation and Sediment Concentration
The DECAVER is a novel apparatus able to make new measurements in various domains where an erosion is produced in an aqueous medium. It gives the erosion rate and the accumulated erosion....

The Optimal Selection of Robot Modules for Space Manipulators
Monolithic robot systems are poorly suited to the broad requirements and uncertainties of space automation applications. Designers have considered building many robots, each of which can...

Dredging '94
During the past decade, the discipline of dredging has been challenged in the areas of economics, the environment, and management of dredging projects. Dredging has kept pace with its...

Machine-Friendly Facility
Cargo facility automation makes more efficient use of space, reduces labor and speeds operations. These are critical factors at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport—currently...

Construction of Shotcrete Linings Channel Tunnel
Without the use of shotcrete and the flexibility it offers in terms of tunnel profile, economy and speed of tunnelling, the project would certainly not be as far advanced as it is at present....

Response of Equipment in Structures Supported on Resilient-Friction Base Isolators Subjected to Ground Motion
In this paper, the response of equipment in structures on a particular friction-type device, the resilient-friction base isolator, is examined. The R-FBI is composed of layers of Teflon...

Development of the Service & Maintenance Segment of the Transportation System
This paper discusses the progress to date in establishing the Service and Maintenance Segment of the Transportation System required to maintain the equipment required to transport spent...





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